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IRC Nick: greig


It should be noted that greig is my actual name.

It seems that far too many people feel the need to use an alias/nick/whatever. These are usually silly, and real names are just better anyway.

So yeah...

I am an ex-IronFist of the WLUG. I set up the original WlugMailingList on our dial-up MicrosoftExchange server (oh... the irony... ) at work many moons ago. It was converted to run from the Uni 6 months later on a real OperatingSystem. AFK a lot lately due to not liking the side of people that IRC tends to bring out.

Coined GOMSAG (Actually, it was my brother, ScottMcGill, but I'll take the blame for popularising it)

Co-invented the ElectionNightDrinkingGame with DanielLawson and CraigBox.

The MyersBriggsTypeIndicator claims I'm an INTJ. Seems to fit.

Things to do:

  • Not commit suicide in frustration at human stupidity. I think I'm failing at this. Don't do it, Greig! --AristotlePagaltzis
  • Drink a lot more Bitter And Twisted (a fantastic ale brewed at Galbraiths in Auckland), while avoiding getting same.
  • Do some WantedWikis every so often.

Philosophical Musings and Rants:

ReligiousWar Positions:

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