One of those originally involved with the setup of MidlandInternetLimited. GreigMcGill's ex co-worker (see ASR) MichaelPook claims to have been an initial founder of this as well. Any proof? :)

DavidHallett says: Back in 1991/2 MichaelPook gave me a tour of their office in Collingwood Street and showed me the servers. He also sold my father one of the old 386DX40 motherboards resulting from the MidlandInternetLimited server upgrades.

LindsayDruett says: MichaelPook definitely worked for MidlandInternetLimited in 1996/7. LindsayDruett is under the impression that Midland Internet (before it became MidlandInternetLimited - a story on it's own) was started up by BryceFarmilo and SimonLyall with funding from Bryce's father.

SimonLyall says that LindsayDruett is correct, funding was from Bryce's father and SimonLyall initially, BryceFarmilo worked there full time and MichaelPook worked there from the start as well for a time.

BryceUtting sez that BryceFarmilo and SimonLyall were most definitely in Collingwood St in 1994 'cos I was in there coding for a client of Bryce F's, though as I remember things Michael was contracting elsewhere by then. 1996/7? You sure, Lindsay?

LindsayDruett remembers Micheal was only there briefly in 1996/7, he went from Server Computers (Graeme Arlidge) --> Midland --> Elite.