WLUG Committee Meeting
22 September 2004
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.01pm

Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, KyleCarter, GianPerrone, MattBrown, PerryLorier
Apologies: CraigMckenna

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Moved CraigBox
Seconded GreigMcGill

Motion passed

2. Correspondence

Thanks were given to the committee from member John Thompson.

3. New committee welcome

Welcome and congratulations to Gian and Kyle.

3.1. Library

PhilMurray has resigned as the librarian. The committee have appointed JohnMcPherson in charge of the library - administration of the software, ordering, chasing reviews. etc. Books will be issued on a priority system - 2 weeks, non renewable if someone else requests it, renewable to a month otherwise. The library software will send email when things change.

Books will be kept at IT Partners: Craig/Greig will make sure that books are entered into the database, stamped, checked in/checked out.

John will chase all the books now to ensure they're stamped/entered into the system.

3.2. Re-evaluate all outstanding tasks

  • Bookshelves - no longer required, books to be stored at IT Partners
  • RUTE - not possible without buying a copy, LUG not interested in pursuing any further.
  • Chase GLUE & LJ - no responses after much communication, not worth following.
  • Set up LDAP on Hoiho - done
  • Install Mailman on hoiho - not worth doing (needs obvious need, if someone requests a list it can be done)
  • Library software - addressed prior
  • Reminder bot - moved to root's crontab. Should handle committee meetings & meetings. Won't email for books - that will be handled outside.
  • Update membership database - Craig to do tomorrow. Do two form letters; end of year pay fees, you said you were going to pay, 90 days email.
  • New charter - sent off
  • Tax exemption - underway.
  • WLUG business cards - Greig to chase Phil up, if he's not interested we will approach Matthias.
  • Fix meetingtopics - Craig to check out.
  • Open letter to candidates - General election, Jamie: bring it to the attention of the NZOSS
  • Write mailing list AUP/monthly letter - Greig to finish and give to Craig for regular posting.
  • Follow up 20/20 Trust - Matt will follow up. John is keen to help as well.

4. Fundraising

Greig to post to list regarding upcoming funding rounds. Future sponsorship requests could be made to fund bringing external speakers to the WLUG - MattBrown to follow.

4.1. Sky City grants

Submit proposal for presentation rig at Kyle's discretion.

4.2. Fundraising officer

The committee appointed KyleCarter as fundraising co-ordinator.

5. Hoiho - Wiki/Meeting Reminder Bot

John tried - under control again - if can't make go in 2 weeks.

6. Meetings

6.1. Advertising

People need to be informed about upcoming meetings. Committee to investigate free print advertising: Loot, Hamilton Events, etc. LUG contact cards, when made, to be left on the counter at PC stores.

Matt/Craig keen to help with speaker arranging.

6.2. New User Presentations

Wiki needs tidying for new users - could tie into the design of a new theme.

Next meeting - Labour Day - Lit.B - Live fixup meeting. 10 min introduction etc, 10-15 min Q&A, people have problems that need to be fixed. Start at 4pm, presentation at 5pm. Another installfest to be organised for the same time next year.

Greig to post to wlug-list to ask for interest in a new user stream.

7. General Business

Hoiho - need to send out a reminder email to all users to see if they wish to continue their membership, confirm details, submit money etc. Membership forms don't need to be signed in general, only to people who want to vote at an AGM but don't pay at the meeting.

The new committee will send a letter of thanks to CrawshawSchool - Greig/Craig to do.

Barbeque - standard barbeque procedure will apply. To be held at DaHoose again.

Meeting closed at 9:05pm.