CrawshawSchool has offered use of its facilities for occasional meetings. Below is a map of the area, so you can find the school.

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Basic directions: Get onto Avalon Drive (State Highway 1) and head North from the Avalon Drive / Forest Lake / Ellicot Rd intersection. Turn left onto Breckons Ave (a few km up Avalon drive, past a Caltex on the right). Crawshaw Drive is a right turn off Breckons Ave. Once on Crawshaw Drive, you cant miss the school.

There is a staff car park you can use, although I'd recommend you parked on the road in front of the climbing playground - better light.

If you are facing into the main gate from the street (to the left of the admin block - the block closest to the street), the lab is in the block ahead and to your right. It is on the other side of the block from where you are however. There will normally be a light on in the corner room closest to the main gate - don't bother knocking at this door, no one will hear you. Make your way around the block (either direction, although there is more light if you head into the school and around the block, rather than following the street).