The WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup held a successful InstallFest on the 7th May, 2005, at CrawshawSchool.

Thanks to following for their support:


See InstallFestNotes for some of our observations.

See UbuntuPostInstall for the post installation script

Notes for next year

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The remainder of this page is for historical interest.

WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup InstallFest 2005 - 7th May, CrawshawSchool, 10am

Thanks for your interest in our upcoming InstallFest.

This page should tell you everything you need to know to turn up and get Linux installed on your computer. If there is something missing, remember this is a Wiki that anyone can edit, so either add to the page or ask questions on our mailing list.

The installfest is open to everybody. We have selected a default distribution of Linux that we can best support, but we will endeavour to fix any sort of Linux installation problem, from "I don't know what Linux is" through to "How do I make device X work with Linux?".

Everybody in the LUG is encouraged to register and come to the installfest, even if they already have Linux installed on their computer or are not confident in helping others. The day is a social event for the LUG, where members can bring their computer along and show off what they have installed, and help promote Linux into the community. It is also a great chance to bring friends, to as there will be plenty of Linux machines around to demonstrate with -- even if your friend is not intending to install Linux, at least they can get a feel for what they will end up with on their computer.

  • When: Saturday 7th May 2005, 10am - 4pm
  • Where: CrawshawSchool (see that page for a map)
  • What to Bring: You will need a computer to install Linux onto. See below for notes about hardware requirements.
  • Cost: Nothing ($0), but you are required to register beforehand


Everyone attending, both helpers and new users, are asked to register their intention on the registration page This allows us to match people with mentors and gives us an idea of what presentations to run. As part of the form submission, we must require participants to formally acknowledge a "Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer".

Hardware Notes

Although Linux is famous for running on old hardware, things will be a lot easier for yourself (and us) if you don't try and force Linux on to the oldest piece of computer hardware you have lying around. We will be installing a full modern graphical system by default so the following is suggested as a minimum hardware requirement:

  • A machine with a 1GHz CPU or better
  • At least 256MB RAM if you want a graphical desktop.
  • At least 5GB disk space
  • CDROM drive or network card (required for installation medium)

We will hopefully have someone at the installfest who can provide secondhand PCs for reasonable prices, if you're interested in getting a different computer to run Linux on.

HardDisk Notes

WLUG can not be held responsible for any data on your computer. All your important data should be backed up before bringing your computer to the InstallFest. You need to ensure that you meet one of these conditions:

  • You have a second hard drive in your computer to install Linux on
  • You don't want what is currently on your first hard drive and don't mind it all being deleted & written over.
  • There is sufficient space on your disk to install Linux alongside your existing OperatingSystem.

These are in order of preference. Hard disks are cheap and your first one is probably full now anyway. If you have no other option, there exists some ability to shrink the amount of space on a hard drive allocated to Windows, and assign the space to Linux, but this is best effort (all care and no responsibility) only and you may be required to sign a form to this effect.

Recommended Distribution

The distribution that we will be recommending and helping to install is Ubuntu v5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog). We have selected this as it is the distribution that most of the Linux experts in the LUG are familiar with and recommend. If you don't know what you want, please accept our recommendation and try this one. You can use the registration form to notify us if you are planning on installing a distribution other than Ubuntu, and we will try and have the appropriate resources / skills available. If you have not notified us that you would like to install a different distribution we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get anything to work.


If you can help us advertise the installfest, please contact the secretary (removing NOSPAM where appropriate).

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