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WLUG's MailingList is one of the primary methods of communication between members. It is (barely) moderated, has very low to moderate traffic, and exists to help the LUG members keep in touch, get organised, and offer help to anyone who has a Linux-related problem. We have list archives too.

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Acceptable Use Policy

See for the definitive AUP. Here is a summary:

The WLUG MailingList is the discussion-list extension of the WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup.

As such, we expect members of this list to adhere to the principles espoused in the official WlugCharter, in particular, Rule 6, which covers the activities on this mailing list.

While this is an AcceptableUsePolicy, the WlugCommittee do recognise the need for informal discussion among list members, and draconian administration is not the goal here. Please keep in mind, however, that your comments to this list do represent the WLUG, and while it is good to be seen as an organisation with a sense of humour, some comments may do major harm to our credibility as a serious advocate of GNU/Linux and all things FreeSoftware/OpenSource related.

List discussion should

  • be honest
  • accentuate the positive, without hyperbole or blatant misrepresentation
  • maintain a reasonable level of spelling and grammar
  • not indulge in ad hominem attacks
  • not continue inflammatory or abusive threads
  • not be unprofessional or petty, especially with respect to the names of other software companies
  • not promote or denigrate political, cultural, or religious views
  • not indulge in marketing or advertising, other than on a private sale basis, or advertising of jobs -- which may be announced once only
  • job advertisements are to be open source operating systems related, suitable for a resident in New Zealand
  • job advertisements require all available details be posted rather than a link
  • not reproduce copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder
  • not defame any person or organisation

Posters who consistently violate these guidelines will be dealt with at the discretion of the List Maintainer.

If you feel you have been unfairly dealt with, you have recourse to any member of the WlugCommittee.


Our first post is lost to us due to the list running originally on a manky MicrosoftExchange server, and GreigMcGill not keeping archives. However, the first post to the first "real" list dates back to March '99, which puts the origins of WLUG at (very approximately) six months earlier.

I've found a copy of a post to the original address-list mailing list in one of my old mailspools. It includes a link to the following website, which is miraculously still alive!