• Our MailServer allows you to amend the username part of your Email address with a suffix which will be ignored when delivering the mail. The suffix must be preceeded by a plus sign. This means you can use to conduct your business on eBay, to sign up for the WlugMailingList, for some download registration form, etc, and it will all go into your inbox. This makes it easy to filter your incoming mail, and to see who is passing your address on to other people. :)
  • You can create a file named .forward in your home directory (remember, everyone who has a mail account also has a Shell account) to have Email automatically forwarded to another address. For example after logging in:

    $ echo > ~/.forward
  • Exim also supports specially formatted .forward files to do limited processing of incoming Email, such as save to a certain file, or forward or drop. As currently set up on the WLUG MailServer, such filtering is supported. See EximFilter for hints and examples.
  • If you're using MozillaMail and IMAP to connect through the FireWall to the server you may need to add to your "No Proxies for" list (under Preferences/Advanced/Proxies). This tells your MailClient to connect directly to the server rather than through the proxy.
  • When you log into WebMail you may need to use username rather than (this differs from other SquirrelMail setups). The feedback when you make this mistake is a little obscure (i.e. several lines of the PHP internal error messages and then Unknown user or password incorrect.)

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