• True RealName: Αριστοτέλης Παγκαλτζής
  • English transliteration: Aristotle Pagaltzis
  • Living in Germany (GMT+1).
  • Came here for a Google hit on SSHNotes, decided to stay for the rest of the content.
  • Refactoring zealot. Sorry if I clean up stuff you think I shouldn't have; remember, the PageHistory is there for these cases. Feel free to correct me back.
  • You will find me at Aristotle Pagaltzis' soapbox (so linked for the benefit of Google)

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Highly appreciated WikiGnome!

Appears to have a full time job editing the WlugWiki.

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CraigBox (after the ProgrammingLanguage refactor)

Vote AristotlePagaltzis for God, for doing all the work on the WlugWiki.

Clicked here to see who you were, so I could say thanks if I ever saw you at a meeting. Well, you're always invited anyway.

Thank you, guys!