This page describes known problems and issues with the Wlug Wiki theme and proposes resolutions for them. In general while we endeavour to make this Wiki work (and look OK) on all browsers and platforms we do have limited resources and time, In cases where trade offs have to be made this site will be optimised to work best on Mozilla Firefox under Linux.

For things we should do to the code (rather than just to the theme), see WlugWikiCustomisations.

Minor Display / Stylistic Issues

  • InterWiki link prefixes usually clutter up the rendered page. F.ex., every single WikiPedia: link on the wiki is of the form [foo | WikiPedia:foo] because noone wants the damn "WikiPedia:" bit showing up on the rendered page. So the prefix should not show up on the rendered page. Instead this information would just show up as "foo on WikiPedia" in the link's title attribute.

    However, there are some prefixes like RFC: which actually should be rendered, and some like Category: where it can go both ways. This could be addressed in two ways:

    1. More syntax. [WikiPedia:foo] renders the prefix, but [WikiPedia::foo] doesn't.
    2. Make this as a per-entry setting in the InterWikiMap. But that seems more complex to implement and would be less flexible.


  • Not so minor: the BackLinks code needs a thorough fixing. F.ex., if I link to Wiki:DisagreeByDeleting, it thinks I'm pointing at DisagreeByDeleting. --AristotlePagaltzis

    Any idea if this has been fixed in one of the newer phpwiki releases? We're currently in the process of migrating up to CVS head from the mid-2002 wlug_hacks snapshot that we're currently using. --MattBrown

    Me? I have no idea. John might, or Perry. I wikied this at Perry's behest after IMing him about it. --AristotlePagaltzis

  • Content in includepage plugin probably should be a size smaller than the main page -- CraigBox

    Maybe that should be an option to the includepage invocation? --AristotlePagaltzis

  • Generate a text rendered version of the wiki pages for use by the meeting reminder bot. -- I'm pretty sure this item is already handled... --MattBrown
  • Replace current image buttons ("Preview" and "Save" on the edit page, "Diff" and the duration buttons on RecentChanges) with simple buttons/links styled like the "Search" one at the page top, for consistency and readability. --AristotlePagaltzis
  • Backlinks could do to be in a size (far?) smaller than page text, and possibly in some kind of aligned table? -- CraigBox

    I would be in favour of rendering them as a regular bulleted list in normal size, capped at 15 or so links, of which the last is something like ...and 213 more. where necessary. --AristotlePagaltzis

  • Reduce the amount of screen real-estate taken up by the header and footer --StuartYeates
  • In IE, when you hover over a link in the backlinks footer section, the side bars disappear. -- CraigBox

    Can't see the problem here, the CSS has no hover rules for anything remotely related to that div. Page validates fine. I blame a bug in IE. Unlikely to be fixed unless someone can show me a bug in the CSS. -- MattBrown

  • The page title in the header could do with being a couple of px higher, to align it in the box (looks worse on IE than on Firefox) -- CraigBox

Fixed / Resolved Issues

Font Sizes

See WikiFaq for details on how to override the font-size specified by the wiki's stylesheet.


Someone pointed out that the front page doesn't mention we're a LUG with meetings or where we are. You get this from WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup at the earliest; also, there are more hints in the sidebar, but with Konqueror, he didn't find it on by default.

The sidebar is now shown by default so this information should be very prominent -- MattBrown

Firefox 1.5 and above

Newer gecko rendering engines have a bug rendering the menu tabs along the top of the site. In particular they needlessly wrap the rightmost tab onto the next line. This has been filed upstream as Mozilla Bug #327898

We've mostly worked around this bug now by ensuring that there is always some content in the tab.