How do I edit a page?
Click the Edit button at the bottom of any page. If this is your first time on the Wiki, sign in with your RealName (there are no passwords, email confirmation or anything! but please do use your real name), and change the text.
What can I wiki?
Within reason, anything. Although we'd like to think that your idea of 'within reason' was the same as ours, please remember that the WLUG is an IncorporatedSociety under NewZealand law, and potentially responsible for what you say. Please read the AcceptableUsePolicy if there is any doubt.
What if I don't agree with the content?
Edit the page. Add your opinion, rather than deleting someone else's.
How do I create a new page?
Within a related page, think of a decent (multi word) title, capitalize all the words and MashTheWordsTogether, like so. That will create a link that appears like MashTheWordsTogether?, which you can then click on the '?' for, and define. (While you can create new pages by editing the URLs, OrphanedPages are not a good thing in a wiki.)
How do I post text verbatim (i.e. tell the Wiki to ignore formatting commands)?
Put a <verbatim> tag on a line by itself, add the text, and close with a </verbatim> tag on another line by itself.
Why am I getting links appearing in my text?
Check you don't have [ and ] characters in your page: these will create links to other pages. Replace every [ with ~[.

How do you create a question/answer style block like this page?

See for yourself!

How do I edit the box on the right hand side of the page?

Go to the SideBar page.

Your fonts are ugly, can you change them?

In general no, we like the current design and we're not going to change it based purely on aesthetics. If there is a functional problem or bug please let us know. If you really really don't like the fonts the you can create yourself an account (just like you would to edit a page) and then visit your UserPreferences page. In there you will find an option that will allow you to specify that you would like to always use the font size specified by your browser. Check this, reload the page, and you'll find that the wiki returns to whatever your browser prefers.

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