An IncorporatedSociety is a legal entity that has been registered under the Incorporated Societies Act. Becoming an IncorporatedSociety allows a group or organisation to run its affairs as if it were an individual person. Any group of 15 or more people may form an IncorporatedSociety -- companies and other Incorporated Societies may be members of an IncorporatedSociety but they only count as one member.

An IncorporatedSociety is able to do anything provided

  • it is lawful,
  • it is not for the financial gain of the members,
  • and it is authorised by the rules.

Incorporated societies are administered through the NZ Companies Office. For more information refer to the government incorporated society website -

The president of the WLUG at time of own incorporation, DanielLawson, has written a NewZealandIncorporatedSocietyHowto.