Stolen mostly from Wiki:WikiGnome.

A WikiGnome works behind the scenes to tie up little loose ends. He or she will add ISBNs of books that people mention, track down the authorship of "someone once said" quotes, correct broken links, add content for pages on WantedWikis, add to AddToMe pages (and delete the link!), take pages that don't link to any other pages and reference them appropriately (see Wiki:WalledGarden), ensures the content on MostFrequentlyFoundPages is relevant, and, when appropriate, making ordinary word into WikiWord.

A WikiGnome loves to work in the shadows - look at RecentEdits and you may even spot one!

Please, make life easier for these creatures - never create a page that isn't linked to by anything. If you really really really have to, go link to it from UserSubmittedNotes.

Please note that this has nothing to do with GNOME, however.