The WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup is based in Hamilton, NewZealand.

In New Zealand we speak English, not North American!

  • Colour is spelt with a U.
  • Flavour is spelt with a U.
  • Organise is spelt with an S.
  • Licence is spelt with a C, but only when it's a noun. (This is also the case in American English but geeks are lazy.)

In general, when creating content for this Wiki, you should use New Zealand spellings for page names unless there's a good reason not to (or you just plain don't know them; a WikiGnome will get around to you eventually.) Good reasons not to include trade names and common strings ("General Public License" for example.)

Purest Aluminum people
are walking the streets of London
So hysterical
Nobody here gets a word that I say
and the problems I'm told, are more than medical
I got a friend from the new frontier
And Galen, she says, "this is not America,
You need a girl with electrical hair
And the word that you wanted was al-u-min-ium."

-- Counting Crows, "New Frontier"