A widely spoken natural language. Langauge code: en or eng

The official language of countries such as the United Kingdom (en-uk), NewZealand (en-nz), and Australia (en-au), English is also an offical language of the European Community, the United Nations, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and #wlug. Besides its offical capacity, English is also the default language of science, business and travel world-wide. It is spoken by millions of speakers as a second language and mangled by the Americans (en-us). ThisIsNotAmerica.

Many, maybe most, OpenSource projects use English as the primary language of communication, but most non-trivial projects (incluing this wiki) have valued contributors for whom English is a second langauge. Please do not assume that because someone is not a fluent speaker (or writer) of English that they do not have a valuable part to play in a project. In general neither cluelessness nor cluefulness is dependent on the language in which it is expressed.