An expression coined by BruceKingsbury as the server admin parallel of WikiGnome, after it was raised on the list (again) that nobody on the current committee has much idea of who actually administrates the server.

Kind little men who live in our server cabinet, and have root access to all our machines. They come out and do dist-ugprades and work as a team to recover from root exploits. They monitor our mailing list discussion and do things that need getting done. They are self-sufficient, living on DominosPizza ordered over the Internet, and apparently like V. I suspect they have a system of tunnels underneath the data centre. They do not require thanks but do the work out of enjoyment and because they are good at it. Nonethelessthe WlugCommittee is glad they exist, and would be happy to buy them pizza and V once a year. Maybe on SysadminDay.

We are glad we don't have any EvilServerGnomes.