In Soviet Russia, the wiki edits you

Ive just spent 2 hours browsing the wiki at school…
I didn't have any classes (well, i think i didn't) so nothing much was lost, but it seems to be rather annoying that i could use up so much time doing basicly nothing…
Grrr… – AlastairPorter

That's nothing. When I was a kid we used to dream of having internet access at school. But you just try telling the younger generation that… – JohnMcPherson

Basically nothing? Surely you learnt something! – PerryLorier

True True, i now know a whole lot of interesting rants, and cool font aa things, and why no one likes windows ;-) – AlastairPorter

I like Windows – CraigBox

Craig is a freak, ignore him. – AristotlePagaltzis