Acronym for Point (to) Point Protocol.

A protocol for sending packets over a serial link. Supports authentication, compression, and multiple protocols such as IPv4, IPX? etc...

Most commonly used over dial-up modems for connecting a machine to an ISP. ADSL (JetStream) in NewZealand uses PPPoA. External ADSL modems usually use one of PPPoE or PPTP.

How do I rename an interface (Or how do I ensure modem0 is always ppp0, modem1 is always ppp1 etc)
Get a new version of ppp (2.4.2 should do it) and put unit n on the command line. The interface will then be pppn.

See DialUpNotes (remember, ADSL is just fast dial-up!) Technically nit-speaking, no, it certainly is not. It has much more in common with a permanent link. --AristotlePagaltzis