There are lots of these ADSL modem/routers around, as TelecomNZ used to rent them out when ADSL was first available here.

From the internal log
00:00:00:00 L4 GDB: PowerPC gdbnub debugger is not installed 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: Nokia M11 multiport ADSL router / bridge 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: Nokia software version 5.4.5 (build R2) 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: ADSL Router (M11, rev 1) 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: last install status: code flash successfully programmed 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: memory sizes - 1856K Flash, 4096K RAM 00:00:00:00 L4 BR: free memory: 2519262 bytes, starting at 0x194f12

So they are PowerPC based (CPU = MPC860SAR), and can use GDB? Interesting...

They support PinHoling.

Useful tips:

  • they run a telnet server, and optionally a HTTP server, for configuration
  • The default user-admin password is "Telecom". Username can be anything.
  • The default admin password is "Zba2Y7Pr3".
  • The password is stored in plain text
  • useful console commands: status show help (all commands for displaying info)

    • show ppp (shows all ppp statistics, bytes in and bytes out. If the router stays up long enough, it will overflow and report negative 2 billion bytes sent/received)
    • show ppp lastconnect (shows LCP debugging info and PPP info like MRU, and assigned IP address and DNS servers)
    • show status (shows firmware version, log message count, uptime)

    configure (to change settings)

  • Put telnet on port 1, HTTP on port 2, and forward all the other ports to your Linux machine.
  • The nokia / Telecom logo on the front is actually on a panel that you can open to find a serial port. However, it is an RJ-45 so you will need to find an appropriately wired cable.

They were replaced by the M1122.