The largest TelCo in NewZealand, also owner and maintainer of the LocalLoop. One of those big companies that everyone loves to hate, but everyone uses. Usually because they have no choice

Everybody has their opinion on Telecom but I believe that the WLUG website should not take this further than what is stated here as it becomes potential slander -- IanMcDonald

As an ex-monopoly, and owner of most of the infra-structure, they are in a good position to make life difficult for their competitors, as the government has decided that unbundling the local loop is not a good way to encourage competition other telcos that want to offer services to customers are at the mercy of the wholesale pricing that Telecom will give them. Telecom is not known for playing nicely in these discussions.

As an example, no-one else can offer ADSL, although you can choose competing ISPs. The ZFree page has a bit of background too. When it was privatised, the new owners had to agree to the KiwiShare agreement.

Finally, you could look at articles like this one to show what their competitors sometimes have to put up with.

Their web site is here

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