The #NZADSL IRC channel was originally formed by MarkFoster (and others) as a chatroom for the ADSL Mailing List - which was shut down in 2008. ADSL is the means by which most people from NewZealand have BroadBand delivered to their homes, and access to this is (or was) invariably controlled by TelecomNZ, who were (still are?) fairly well known as being a Monopoly in this arena. The MailingList was very busy during the late 90's and early 00's with discussions on various ADSL and broadband related topics. Discussion regularly covered technical solutions to end-user situations and also discussion on the problems caused by lack of competition in the marketplace.

The main reason the #NZADSL room was started was to bring together technical people from the MailingList in a forum where they could discuss ADSL issues in realtime. A useful sideeffect was that #NZADSL has over time attracted all sorts of NZ geek types representing various ISPs and other IT outfits.

Chat regularly swings between the inane and the ridiculous, but it's still enjoyable.

You're welcome to participate, but joiners should make sure they have engaged brain before entering. There's not much tolerance for lack-of-Cloo.

UnderNet is the IRC Network of choice for #NZADSL. You'll find various LUG members from up and down NZ also frequent the chatroom, not that I reccomend you come to #NZADSL to ask a Linux question. You'll likely be forcibly redirected to a more appropriate channel, such as #nzlinux on Freenode.