This page is to help you set up ADSL connections assumng you are in NewZealand, with specific howtos and tips for linux users.

Modem Specific Notes


  • TelecomNZ uses a value of 0 for VPI and 100 for VCI, and PPPoA VCMUX encapsulation.
  • Most connections between an ADSL router and the network, use PPPoA (which is also known as RFC 2364, and stands for PPP over ATM). Only newer TelstraClear connections are known to use PPPoE. ''Note: This refers to the protocol that operates from your modem to the ISP.
  • If you are wanting to connect a linux box as a router off of PPPoA ADSL then you can use a protocol like PPTP or PPPoE to connect to the modem. The 3Com HomeConnect works this way. However its not terribly straightforward, see Half bridge with PPPoA
  • Log in as through the ADSL network.
  • Here's a list of default username/passwords to freshly bought/reset DSL models:
  • You can find a lot of useful information in the mailing list archives at (it's based in NZ).