Supports all the features of the AlcatelSpeedTouch Home/Pro but has the addition of DHCP spoofing and a default internal IP address to send all requests for external ports to.

DO NOT USE THE DHCP SPOOFING WITH LINUX, it is very broken!, causes default gateway to go to a random number about once a month and messes with resolv.conf putting in incorrect name servers.

The main advantage of the (Thompson, once Alcatel) SpeedTouch 510 is UniversalPlugAndPlay, a new standard supported by Windows XP that means you can see the DSL modem in your "network connections" tab, and automatically set up NAT pin holes for things you run on your UPNP client.

Turn it off. Its broken, you really don't want it, they don't recommend you use it yet.

That, and the web interface sucks. Most config can only be done through an upload of a config file. You can flash a 510 to a Pro, save yourself a lot of effort and stress.

How to perform a hardware reset to factory defaults

(IP address:

  1. Make sure the SpeedTouch is powered off.
  2. Press the power button once (shortly).
  3. As soon as the Power/System LED is flashing green, press the power button once more (shortly).
  4. The Power/System LED stops flashing to become solid green. After six seconds, it starts flashing green again. Press the power button once more (shortly).
  5. All LEDs flash green once.
  6. The SpeedTouch reboots and will come online with factory default settings.

Evil, EVIL, config...
Here's a nice simple starter, that will at least let you test the connectivity.

[ env.ini ]
set var="CONF_REGION" value="NZ"
set var="CONF_PROVIDER" value="WLUG very VERY basic config"
set var="CONF_DESCRIPTION" value="Factory defaults + basic connection"
set var="CONF_SERVICE" value="Bridging on 0/35 and 8/35"
set var="CONF_DATE" value="14 Mar 2004"
set var="HOST_SETUP" value="auto"
set var="UPGRADE_URL" value=""
set var="COLUMNS" value="80"
set var="ROWS" value="24"
set var="SESSIONTIMEOUT" value="120"

[ phone.ini ]
add name="Br1" addr=0*35 type=ethoa
add name="Br2" addr=8*35 type=ethoa
add name="pppoa" addr=0*100 type=pppoa

[ qos.ini ]
add name="default" class=ubr

[ oam.ini ]
config clp=1

[ bridge.ini ]
ifadd intf="Br1" dest=Br1
ifconfig intf=Br1
ifattach intf=Br1
ifadd intf="Br2" dest=Br2
ifconfig intf=Br2
ifattach intf=Br2
config age=300

[ pptp.ini ]

[ dhcp.ini ]
config autodhcp=on scantime=20 spoofing=off trace=off
policy verifyfirst=off trustclient=on
spoof failtime=4 errorlt=60 dodlt=10
pool add name="LAN_private"
pool config name=LAN_private poolstart= poolend= netmask=8 leasetime=7200

[ mer.ini ]

[ ipoa.ini ]

[ ppp.ini ]
ifadd intf="pppoa"
rtadd intf=pppoa dst= src= metric=1
ifconfig intf=pppoa dest=pppoa proto=pppoa accomp=on unnumbered=on
ifconfig intf=pppoa user="someuser" password=_DEV_96E535D16E14E2EF status=up

[ cip.ini ]

[ pfilter.ini ]

[ pfirewall.ini ]
chain create chain="source"
chain create chain="forward"
chain create chain="sink"
rule create chain=source index=0 dstintfgrp=!wan action=accept
rule create chain=source index=1 prot=udp dstport=dns action=accept
rule create chain=source index=2 prot=udp dstport=bootps action=accept
rule create chain=source index=3 action=drop
rule create chain=forward index=0 srcintfgrp=wan dstintfgrp=wan action=drop
rule create chain=sink index=0 srcintfgrp=!wan action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=1 prot=udp dstport=dns action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=2 prot=udp dstport=bootpc action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=3 action=drop
assign  hook=sink chain="sink"
assign  hook=forward chain="forward"
assign  hook=source chain="source"

[ ip.ini ]
config forwarding=on firewalling=on redirects=on sourcerouting=off netbroadcasts=off ttl=64 fraglimit=64 defragmode=nat  addrcheck=dynamic mssclamping=on
apadd addr= intf=eth0 addroute=no type=1
ifconfig intf=loop mtu=1500 group=local
ifconfig intf=eth0 mtu=1500 group=lan
ifconfig intf=pppoa mtu=1500 status=down group=wan
rtadd dst= intf=eth0 metric=70
rtadd dst= intf=eth0
rtadd dst= gateway=
rtadd dst= gateway=
rtadd dst= gateway=
rtadd dst= src= gateway=
rtadd dst= src= gateway=

[ autoip.ini ]
ifadd intf=eth0
ifconfig intf=eth0 addr= poolstart= poolend= netmask=16
ifattach intf=eth0

[ eth.ini ]
ifconfig intf=0 type=auto

[ dnsd.ini ]
domain domain="lan"
add hostname="!SpeedTouch"

[ dhcc.ini ]
config trace=off

[ adslpots.ini ]
config opermode=multimode maxbitspertoneUS=13

[ upnp.ini ]
config maxage=1800

[ nat.ini ]
bind application=SIP port=5060
bind application=GRE port=1
bind application=PPTP port=1723
bind application=ESP port=1
bind application=IKE port=ike
bind application=ILS port=ldap
bind application=ILS port=ils
bind application=H323 port=h323
bind application=FTP port=ftp
bind application=RTSP port=rtsp
bind application=IRC port=irc-u
bind application=RAUDIO(PNA) port=realaudio

[ system.ini ]
config upnp=enabled mdap=enabled dcache=enabled

[ endofarch ]