The Dynalink RTA1320 is a low cost ADSL2/2+ router available in New Zealand. Hardware wise it is identical to the RTA1335

This router was also packaged by several ISP's (Orcon Ihug?) with their new UBS adsl plans.

It has 1 auto MDI-X ethernet port, and a single USB port.

This router is manufactured by Askey in Taiwan, and uses a Broadcom 6348 chipset. It is primarily based around the Broadcom reference design, and runs a version of MontaVista? embedded linux with a 2.4 kernel.

This means you are able to manipulate IP-Tables directly on the modem via the CLI available via Telnet.

Another great feature is that it supports IP-Extension mode, also known as DHCP Spoofing or Half-Bridge mode. This allows the modem to pass the IP address through to the host connected to the ethernet port. This is an advantage as it allows you to have the IP on your router or linux machine where you can control the rules. Several other routers support this but the Dynalink uses Proxy-ARP to achieve it, this seems to work better than the DHCP spoof used by D-Link, Billion and some Alcatel units, one big advantage is that you can configure your IP address statically on your host, this means that your PC does not have to wait for a new lease on bootup, and the lease will not be expiring meaning possible loss of connection.

The defaults for this modem are:

Admin Username: admin Adming Password: admin IP Address: