ASUS6030 (VI)

This ADSL modem router has 4 Ethernet ports in the back for your small network, and also acts as a wireless AccessPoint (bridged to the network).

Useful Information

  • Supports 801.11i and WPA/WPA2 encryption/authentication for the wireless. Make sure you enable some type of encryption and authentication on this!
  • does DHCP and PinHoling etc --- has BusyBox and iptables on it, so it seems to run Linux (although I didn't find any mention of this or sources linked to in the documentation).
  • can connect to it via USB if you don't have/want an Ethernet network (but didn't try this under Linux)
  • default username/password is "admin" and "admin". Make sure that you change this immediately, unless you want any random person on your wide open wireless connection to change it for you...
  • (best feature) - comes with all the cables you'll need - a network cable, a line filter, 2 phone line cables (1 with NZ-style ending, 1 with RJ-12), USB cable, and a skinny power adaptor that only takes up the space of a normal power plug.
  • The latest firmware available for download (as of Oct 2005) is 2-18-01-0F00.a0_23a. You can find out the currently installed version by pointing your WebBrowser at the router's local IP address - the first summary page will say something like

"Software Version: 2-12-02-0610.a0_23a"

Note that upgrading the firmware will reset all configuration info to factory defaults and you will need to go through and configure LAN and PPP settings again.