A very useful, but a bit dinky, ADSL modem. (The 3Com HomeConnect Dual Link, named because it works over USB and Ethernet.) Actually, HomeConnect is a product range that has all sorts of stuff in it. Go see for more details.

FreeBSD Notes

3Com have done some very weird things to the PPPoE implementation in the HomeConnect. To be able to speak to this modem in FreeBSD 4.x you need to do the following
sysctl net.graph.nonstandard_pppoe=1

In FreeBSD 5.x, don't touch the above sysctl just set

set pppoe 3Com

in your ppp.conf file.

And to stop the connection dying every 15 seconds , add the following lines to your ppp.conf
enable lqr set lqrperiod 10

Also, from FreeBSD 5.4 onward, you need to set

enable echo

As the LQR option was seperated from the LCP ECHO option.

Under linux you need to change the /etc/pppoe.conf to include this line below: PPPOE_EXTRA="-f 3c12:3c13 -S ISP"

to stop the connection dying every 15 seconds or so change the lines below.. the pings need to be less than 15 seconds apart on the NZ telecom network. i use 8 to be safe.

  1. LCP echo interval and failure count.