Nokia ADSL modems. Upgrade to the M11 series.

Available with or without wireless (the MW1222 has a PCMCIA slot on the back for a Nokia C110 wireless card.)

These are the modems that Telecom hired out to everyone for most of the first two years of Jetstream in New Zealand.

To use your M1122 as a bridge instead of a router:

  1. Get the latest Firmware (I did it with Gx1x2230.R04), see below
  2. Login using admin access, can't do it with normal login.
  3. Change your service provider type from "PPP over ATM (ppp-vc)" to "Local tunneling / PPP over ATM (tunneled-ppp-vc)".

Windows users:

  1. Right click My Network Places -> Properties -> Create new connection -> Connect to the network at my workplace -> VPN -> skip -> skip -> enter router address ( by default).
  2. Right click new connection -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Allow PAP.
  3. Open the new connection, add your ISP user and password.
  4. Done! (Now you need to set up Connection Sharing etc etc).

Linux users:

If you don't know what you're doing, stop reading, and pay someone to do these things for you

If you need to upgrade the firmware on your M1122 (for a number of possible reasons: your current firmware is corrupt, you need a new feature, you have problems pinholing GRE), then you will need:

  • A grown up
  • A lot of Clue - read the fine manual (HTML or PDF format)
  • A RJ45 -> DB9 cable; pinout is available in PDF format.
  • Firmware
  • TFTP software to load the firmware on (theres a Windows TFTP program in the firmware dir)
  • The new startup configuration file

The latest firmware (and probably the last there will be unless there's a serious flaw found) is Gx1x2230.R04.