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 Available with or without wireless (the MW1222 has a [PCMCIA] slot on the back for a Nokia C110 wireless card.) 
 These are the modems that Telecom hired out to everyone for most of the first two years of Jetstream in New Zealand. 
+To use your M1122 as a bridge instead of a router:  
+# Get the latest Firmware (I did it with Gx1x2230.R04), see below  
+# Login using admin access, can't do it with normal login.  
+# Change your service provider type from "PPP over ATM (ppp-vc)" to "Local tunneling / PPP over ATM (tunneled-ppp-vc)".  
+Windows users:  
+# Right click My Network Places -> Properties -> Create new connection -> Connect to the network at my workplace -> VPN -> skip -> skip -> enter router address ( by default).  
+# Right click new connection -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Allow PAP.  
+# Open the new connection, add your ISP user and password.  
+# Done! (Now you need to set up Connection Sharing etc etc).  
+Linux users:  
+* Set up [PPTP].  
 !!If you don't know what you're doing, stop reading, and pay someone to do these things for you