An Acronym for Color Graphics Adapter.

The first video graphics card developed by IBM for PCs (another graphics card, namely Hercules, was already around before, but it wasn't made by IBM) as the successor to the text mode only MDA.

Its display quality was abysmal due to low resolution:

  • 320x200 pixels in 4 colors (aspect ratio 8:5)
  • 640x200 pixels, monochrome (aspect ratio 16:5)

Superseded by EGA.

Hands up how many people remember playing Sierra adventure games in stunning white, black, cyan and magenta? sigh... --JohnMcPherson

I do.. I also remember the white looked more like grey on most screens. God, the graphics looked awful on those screens. Funny how the games seemed so much more fun back then than nowadays.. --AristotlePagaltzis

Bugger that's me too... Actually.. I still have a working CGA monitor and card.. --GerwinVanDeSteeg