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Currently working in the Asterisk and VoIP market delivering Asterisk based phone solutions (PBX/PABX) to Small to Medium Enterprises. This neccesitated a stint in Auckland for two and a half years. Currently back in the Waikato area working from home doing the same work.

Jabber ID: (this is not an email address)

Graduated from WaikatoUniversity with a degree in ComputerTechnology and gone on to greener pastures. Occasionally writes useless programs that do stuff. Language preferences at the moment are PHP, C/C++, Perl, Python, or if he can get away with it, a simple bash(1) script.


  • Can usually be found somewhere on IRC, on one of UnderNet's servers, going by the name TIK_.
  • SCUBADiving and instruction of said sport.
  • Playing with linux projects mostly regarding LDAP, email (Exim, Sendmail), SpamAssassin, PHP, MySQL, Nagios, Postgresql, Squid, Snort, ACID, BASE, and other related things.
  • WorldOfWarcraft

Todo list thingamy

  • Find free time
  • Get organised
  • An operating system
  • Filesystem

Current Projects

ReligiousWar Positions:

  • Vim -> Emacs
  • KDE -> Gnome?
  • Intel & AMD -> Don't care no more, they both do what is needed of them, each has its own market and niche.

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