Has completed a BCMS (SoftwareEngineering) at WaikatoUniversity.
(Alas, no longer a LazyStudent :^)

Born in the Netherlands, speaks fluent Dutch, English, German, and a wee bit of French.
Has been resident in NewZealand since eh... 1994.

GerwinVanDeSteeg's older brother.

Sometime member of the HamiltonBulletinBoardScene.

Programs in Java and C++ where ever possible, but has experience with a variety of other nasty ProgrammingLanguages.
(Pascal, VisualBasic, VisualC++, Scheme, Perl, Prolog, Haskell...)

Has found a job in the RealWorld :o Currently working at AucklandUniversity, in the School of Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics Institute as a Research Programmer?/ SystemAdministrator.

Interests include:

  • Photography
  • Art & Design
  • Comics (both drawing and reading - have produced some comics for Nexus magazine)
  • Science Fiction
  • Occassional physical activity (Walking, Kayaking, Climbing, Swimming...stuff like that)
  • Movies
  • CardGames, especially this one

And lots of other things...