Haskell is a pure functional ProgrammingLanguage that employs LazyEvaluation and supports generic or PolymorphicTypes.

It has some cool concepts, like the dot operator. If you remember your calculus, it used the . for functional composition — and so does Haskell! This allows you to do something similar to the pipe operator used in Shell scripting.


-- sieve: prints the number of prime numbers between 2 and 100000

sieve :: [Int] -> [Int]
sieve [] = []
sieve (h:t) = h : sieve [x| x <- t, x `mod` h /= 0]

main = (print . length . sieve) [2..100000]


Haskell Users' Gofer System. An interpreter that's good for playing around learning Haskell. (“Gofer” was a subset of Haskell, but HUGS now implements full Haskell.)
Glasglow Haskell Compiler. A big, optimising compiler for Haskell.

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