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 (Alas, no longer a LazyStudent :^)%%% 
 Born in the [Netherlands|], speaks fluent [Dutch|], English, German, and a wee bit of French.%%% 
 Has been resident in [NewZealand] since eh... 1994.%%% 
-Lives at the bottom of the actual Mount Wellington in Mount Wellington, [Auckland]. In danger of becoming a [JAFA].  
 [GerwinVanDeSteeg]'s older brother. 
 Sometime member of the [HamiltonBulletinBoardScene]. 
-Tries to avoid using [MicrosoftWindows] when possible, mostly uses [RedHatLinux].%%%  
 Programs in [Java] and [C++] where ever possible, but has experience with a variety of other nasty [ProgrammingLanguage]s.%%% 
 ([Pascal], [VisualBasic], [VisualC++], [Scheme], [Perl], [Prolog], [Haskell]...) 
 Has found a job in the [RealWorld] :o Currently working at [AucklandUniversity], in the [School of Biological Sciences|], [Bioinformatics Institute|] as a Research [Programmer]/ [SystemAdministrator]. 
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 * Comics (both drawing and reading - have produced some comics for Nexus magazine) 
 * Science Fiction 
 * Occassional physical activity (Walking, Kayaking, Climbing, Swimming...stuff like that) 
 * Movies 
-* [CardGames, especially this one|] (aka "cardboard crack")  
+* [CardGames, especially this one|] 
 And lots of other things...