VisualBasic, also known as VB, is the brand name MicrosoftCorporation use for their flavour of BASIC. Actually, it only vaguely resembles BASIC anymore, being far more complex, but is still quite a restricted ProgrammingLanguage compared to others. Don't use it if you have a choice.

A variant called VBA, ie "VisualBasic for Applications", is used to script MicrosoftExcel/Word documents, and as a side-effect, often used to write macro Viruses. Thanks, Bill!

More recently, MicrosoftCorporation decided to reapply the VisualBasic brand onto something called Visual Basic.NET, which has nothing to do with BASIC and little with VisualBasic, and is basically C# using different syntax. Lots of VisualBasic developers got very angry at the loss of backwards compatibility.