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-[VisualBasic] also known as VB is the brand name [Microsoft] uses for their [BASIC]. It has little to do with the simplicity of [BASIC] but is quite restricted a ProgrammingLanguage compared to others. You shouldn 't use it if at all possible
+[VisualBasic], also known as VB, is the brand name MicrosoftCorporation use for their flavour of [BASIC]. Actually, it only vaguely resembles [BASIC] anymore, being far more complex, but is still quite a restricted ProgrammingLanguage compared to others. Don 't use it if you have a choice
-EdsgerWybeDijkstra would have hated it . :)  
+A variant called VBA, ie "VisualBasic for Applications", is used to script MicrosoftExcel/Word documents, and as a side-effect, often used to write macro [Virus]es . Thanks, [Bill | BillGates]!  
-A variant called VBA , ie " [VisualBasic ] for Applications" , is used to script MicrosoftExcel/Word documents . It is often used to write macro viruses . Thanks, Bill!  
+More recently, MicrosoftCorporation decided to reapply the VisualBasic brand onto something called __Visual Basic.NET__ , which has nothing to do with [BASIC ] and little with VisualBasic , and is basically [C#] using different syntax . Lots of VisualBasic developers got very angry at the loss of backwards compatibility .