Hamilton had a lively set of BulletinBoardSystems back in the late 1980s to mid 1990s. Some may have survived into 2000, but you'd be lucky to find one today with the advent of the Internet.

Please don't create a node in the Wiki for BBSes that weren't run by WLUG members.

Here are some BBSes related to WLUG's history, sorted by opening year:

  • Koinonia - 1989-1990 - SysOp: IanMcDonald

    • trivia: first 24 hour BBS in Hamilton, first with two phone lines, ran Searchlight software, first to have a reliable FidoNet connection, first to have a HUGE 40 MB hard drive
  • Genesis - 1990? - Sysops: Jeremy Green, David Doggart, BruceKingsbury was passingly involved.

    • was supposed to be the first BBS in Hamilton, hence the name. But Ian got his up first.
    • Actually mine was not first - just first 24 hour BBS - IanMcDonald
  • StationMasters - 1992-1995? - BruceKingsbury's first BBS
  • SwitchBaud - 1992-1995 (thereabouts) - Sysop: LindsayDruett - Nothing spectacular other than it had 2x 250MB SCSII disks which were huge (double height) HDDs and noisy as. The HDDs originally came out of a Data General Midframe which was owned by Livestock Improvement/NZ Dairy Board.
  • Wyrms (1993-1995?) - Lincard 1000, interesting because it ran on a C-64. Spent it's last few months living in the same room as StationMasters since it needed frequent reboots and Lincard 1000 was working during the day.
  • Tower of Z (1994-1995? must have been longer) - Richard Gallagher (aka The Green Banana)

    • trivia: ToZ was the first BBS in Hamilton to run Renegade BBS Software
  • TheDigitalDream (1994 (dev only), 1995-1996 (public)) - SysOp: OliverJones (aka Dreamer)

    • Trivia: Started with Powerboard, quickly changed to Renegade, then Synchronet, was porting to Telegard when shut down.
    • NZ Hub for BloodNet?. BloodNet? was an Australian fidonet style demo scene mail network.
  • Echoes (1996 perhaps?) - GreigMcGill (aka Rider)
  • Cherrybomb 1996-1998? - BruceKingsbury's second significant BBS effort
  • Toontown (1996-1998) - CraigBox (aka Criggie)
  • Club Cherrybomb Voicemail 1998-2000 - Everyone with a modem had moved on to the Internet, so BruceKingsbury decided to write a BBS for those people without modems. At one time the system was on two lines and regularly answering over 200 calls per day. Because it was completely in a different direction to where everyone else was going, the software was given the name "Vertical Access Voicemail System" (abbreviated as VAX/VMS) and was a combination of large amounts of BASH script and a small C program that handled the modem interface which all ran under Redhat Linux.

BruceKingsbury was the last 'official BBS list maintainer', although he pretty much gave up maintaining it when there were only two BBSes left (Galaxy and Dixons). Here's the Hamilton part of the most recent list.

 Waikato Bulletin Board Listing
                                                  last updated 09/15/99


      Name: (The) Bridge Baud                               Confirmed 29/1/00

     SysOp: Bryan Beecher
     Phone: (07) 843-0086
     Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Speeds: 300bps - 19200bps (ZyXEL), MNP1-5, v.42bis
  Networks: FidoNet (3:774/640), !AmigaNet (41:647/640)
     Files: Amiga Files - 10 gigs From Aminet and Fish CD's.
            IBM, Atari, Win95 and MOD sounds also supported.
     Doors: Heaps of Doors (CNet Specific)
  Software: CNet 3.05, Trap Door 1.84
  Computer: Amiga 2000, 1650 Mb HDD, Archive Vipre Tape Unit, CD-ROM
   CD-ROMs: Two CD-ROM drives containing Aminet 1-13 & Fish 1000 disks
  Audience: Amiga and other files, Fred Fish disks, online games, messages,
            online shopping
   Handles: Yes
   Offline: QWK and Message Download utility.
   Faxable: Yes
     Other: Local fax sending

      Name: Club Cherrybomb Voicemail System
  Location: Hamilton
     SysOp: zcat (zee-k`at)
   CoSysop: isomer
     Phone: +64-7-8558334 (2 lines, stepping)
     Admin: +64-21-2154508
     Hours: 24hrs
    Speeds: 7200/s AD4 voice, 33600/14400bps fax/data
  Networks: N/A
     Files: N/A
     Doors: "Safebreaker" finally online, more one day..
  Software: Vertical Access 0.2.0
  Computer: 486dx2/66
   CD-ROMs: N/A
  Audience: Open to anyone
   Handles: Recommended
   Offline: What you do offline is your own business!
   Faxable: YES!
     Other: Also tries to answer data calls, use "ATDT^8558334" or
            "ATDT8558334,,,,d" if your modem doesn't generate the
            required 'calling' tones.
            Data callers can download and submit to the BBS list, and
            there's a limited range of files available, mostly diagnostics
            and documentation.
      Fees: FREE
  Comments: This is a VOICEMAIL system, like callminder on acid!
            Just dial up directly from any touchtone phone.

      Name: Galaxy CBCS                                     Confirmed 29/1/00
     SysOp: George Garard
     Phone: (07) 843-8025
     Hours: 24 Hours, 7 days a week.
    Speeds: 1200bps - 33,600bps, v.34+, v.FC, v.42bis, v.17
  Networks: SIGnet (28:1200/500, 28:28/0 [[Z28C], 28:28/1 [[Z28EC])
            FidoNet (3:774/500), Usenet
     Files: Numerous IBM file areas - Astronomy, Ham Radio and Genealogy file
            areas and support for authors of Books on disk included.
     Doors: A good selection of Online Games including International SIGnet
            Inter-BBS BRE, Falcon's Eye and LORD leagues.
  Software: Remote Access 2.02+, Front Door 2.12+, Fmail 1.20+.
  Computer: IBM Compat 486DX-33Mz, 855Mb HDD
   CD-ROMs: None.
  Audience: Anyone with a modem.
   Handles: Yes, but only in local message areas.
   Offline: Bluewave, Points, Galaxynet nodes (Usenet).
   Faxable: No
      Fees: The BBS is free to all callers, except Internet email access
            which requires an inexpensive yearly subscription.
  Comments: SIGnet, Usenet, FidoNet and local message areas available.
            Also Internet Usenet (Newsgroups & Email) accessed via FidoNet
            Technology (Points, Bluewave). 100s of echoes and newsgroups.
            Local SIGnet hub, all SIGnet areafixes to 28:28/1.

      Name: SCI-LAB                                         Confirmed 29/1/00
  Location: Hamilton
     SysOp: TMS (Chris Simmonds)
   CoSysop: Dunk (Duncan Reid)
     Phone: 64-7-846-7227
     Hours: All bar Fido ZMH
    Speeds: Max 28800 (v.FC, v.42)
  Networks: Fidonet (3:774/1137)
     Files: Building a base of Science related software
     Doors: LORD (small game at the moment but with next to no advertising)
  Software: Front Door 2.12, Remote Access 2.50
  Computer: 486DX4/100
   CD-ROMs: 0
  Audience: REASONABLE PEOPLE required.  I'm not interested in people looking
            for Porn and the likes.  Also, I only have limited time to work on
            the system so leave a message if some things don't work and I'll
            get to it.  If you want something specific ask and I'll try and
   Handles: Allowed
   Offline: Bluewave/Points
   Faxable: Not yet
     Other: Hmm I'm weird at times - get used to it.
      Fees: If you suffer a stroke and want to send money feel, free to.
  Comments: OK - if you notice a few inconsistancies in things (like the
            occasional reference to the Labyrinth CBCS) it's cos I used to
            be co-sys, and the owner of the key let me use it as the Labyrinth
            is down. Many thanks to for the key, David has
            moved on to bigger and better things (UNIX and the likes).
            No file ratios are in force yet as I don't have a base worth
            rationing, but if it gets abused I might think of adding ratios.
            Main rule is try and have fun.  Not File Requestable at this stage.

  BBS Name: RAS (not really a bbs but a ras)
  Location: Hamilton
     Sysop: Tim Port [[R.A.T.M]
     Phone: (07) 8436074
     Hours: 24hrs 7days
    Speeds: 9600 - 33.6k
   Network: It is a ras connecting you to myltan and on weekends it
            is usally a lan.
     Files: there will be a ftp running.
     Doors: Network Quake, etc.
  Software: windows nt server, Nt ras..quake..ya know stuff like that.
  Hardware: K6-2 350 with 3dnow! (lol) 128mb ram 1 isa 56k modem
          : 1 winmodem 56k :(..10mb netcard..
    Cd-rom: 36x (what ever is in there)
  Audience: anyone with a 33.6k modem..and that is just about every one..
   Handles: if ya wont..
   Faxable: No
   Offline: NA
      Fees: $1 a year sound good or just respect the ops and be good
          : to ya parents.
  Comments: if you don't know what tcp/ip is ya might get lost tring to
          : connect but if you have set up a network or a internet connection
          : you should'nt have trouble. i will put a guest password on that
          : will allow you to get on and ask me for an acount.
          : if you beat me at quake i will probaly give you some extra time
          : till i beat you back ;) and you will have to put up with it if
          : you can't connect some time..cause i use this computer to host
          : network games and q3a crashes it some times...
          : last being a tcp/ip connection leave the network open for "hacking"
          : etc if you try this i will eat you lame little winblows98 machine
          : for breakfast! it. oh yeah and a help file will be posted
          : on evry local bbs.

Here is a list dated April 1994:

 Name:       Colin's Half Pie BBS
 Sysop(s):   Colin Stutt
 Number #1:  8430555  24 Hours Speeds:  14,400bps - 300bps, V42Bis, MNP
 Number #2:  8430201  8:00pm - 10:00am  Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps
 Audience:   Anybody is welcome
 Fees:       Free to all callers, 50c a week for CD-ROM Access

 Name:       Dawn Patrol
 Sysop(s):   Ralph Murray
 Number:     847-0559
 Hours:      24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
 Speeds:     14,400bps - 1200bps, MNP, V42Bis
 Audience:   Anyone, Heaps of Files, Messages, Doors, Sound files
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Dixon's BBS
 Sysop(s):   Murray Dixon  Kelvin Dixon
 Number:     843-5578
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps
 Audience:   Lots of On-Line Games, Messages, Atari, Amiga, and
            2 CD ROMS full of IBM Files
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Fun City CBCS
 Sysop(s):   Mark Perry
 Number:     846-9397
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps
 Audience:   Anyone at all with a varied sence of humour
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Galaxy Cbcs
 Sysop(s):   George Garard
 Number:     843-8025
 Hours:      24 Hours, 7 days a week.
 Speeds:     ZyXEL, 1200bps - 19,200bps, MNP1-5, V42bis.
 Audience:   Anyone with a modem.
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Global Network
 Sysop(s):   Barry Blackford
 Number #1:  846-2951 24 Hours Speeds:  2400bps - 1200bps
 Number #2:  846-2952 24 Hours Speeds:  19,200bps - 1200bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Number #3:  846-6918 24 Hours Speeds:  19,200bps - 1200bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Specilizing in Educational echos, IBM, OS/2, Mugs & Amiga's
 Fees:       MUGS Membership or $30 for Full BBS Membership

 Name:       (The) Great Escape CBCS
 Sysop(s):   Fraser Kemp  David Doggart, Steven Detoni
 Number:     846-1610
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     14400bps-300bps
 Audience:   Anyone with varied sence of humor.
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       (The) Ice Cave II
 Sysop(s):   Michael Walen
 Number:     855-0818
 Hours:      10:00pm - 7:00am, 7 Days A Week
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps
 Audience:   EPIC MegaGames support site. Lots of files.
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       (The) Labyrinth CBCS
 Sysop(s):   David Miller
 Number:     856-4227
 Hours:      24 Hours, 7 Days A Week
 Speeds:     ZyXEL 16.8, 14,400bps - 300bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Doors, Messages and Files for Most Computers.
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       (The) Miracle BBS
 Sysop(s):   Vaun !McCarthy
 Number:     847-7666
 Hours:      10:00pm - 7:00am
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps, MNP2-5, V42bis
 Audience:   Mainly IBM, Messages, Doors, Files
 Fees:       $5 Yearly, $10 Permanently for better access
 Additional: Going 24 Hours soon.

 Name:       MIS Public Access Internet
 Sysop(s):   Bryce Farmilo  Craig Whitmore
 Number #1:  8391168   24 Hours Speeds: 14,000bps - 300bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Number #2:  8391172   24 Hours Speeds: 14,400bps - 300bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Anybody that is interested
 Fees:       $15 Per Month

 Name:       Night Caller BBS
 Sysop(s):   Peter Cague   Michelle Walton
 Number:     847-3900
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     ZyXEL, 19,200 - 1200bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Message Areas, International Mailing, Files, CD-ROM, Doors
 Fees:       $30 A Year BBS Membership.

 Name:       Overbaud CBCS
 Sysop(s):   Chris Nielsen,  Annabel Graham
 Number:     855-6470
 Hours:      10:00pm - 7:00am
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps, V42Bis, MNP5
 Audience:   Anyone, Specially Christians
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Smorgs Baud
 Sysop(s):   Cedric Haygard,  Paul Haygard
 Number:     856-9259
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     ZyXEL, 14,400bps - 300bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Messages, IBM Files, Doors.
 Fees:       Free To All Callers
 Additional: Tolkein Style BBS.

 Name:       (The) Seventh Guest
 Sysop(s):   Gordon Gallagher
 Number:     847-2701
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     14,400bps - 300bps, MNP4,5, v42bis
 Audience:   Online shopper, Online Bible, Files, Messages, RA, FD Support, Sound/LAN/OS/2 Card Support
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Tower Of Z
 Sysop(s):   Richard Gallagher
 Number:     856-6005
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     2400bps - 300bps
 Audience:   IBM, Files & File Users, Door game players. RIP Support
 Fees:       Free To All Callers

 Name:       Waiouru's CBCS Of Hamilton
 Sysop(s):   Jason Kenny
 Number:     843-6812
 Hours:      24 Hours
 Speeds:     14,400bps - 300bps, MNP1-5, v42bis
 Audience:   Anybody
 Fees:       Free To All Callers
 Additional: Unique Army Style BBS, RIP Graphics Supported.