EchoesBbs was Hamilton's (possibly New Zealand's) only music themed BBS.

Or at least that was the goal. It eventually became just like most other BBSes in Hamilton, though it did maintain a reasonably healthy music reviews discussion page, and sysop chats which bordered on obsessive Floyd Fests! :)

Started out as a "part time BBS", but this became too pants and annoyed the flatmates, so it moved to it's own line, and went full time. Was killed off due to the sysop's desire to use this line for use of the internet, which back then hardly had a WWW! :)

GreigMcGill feels old. :(

Much of the initial setup was done by CraigBox, who was wise in the ways of such things. ANSI graphics were provided by AndrewMcGregor, really good bloke, who we never see much of anymore. :(