Wlug Wiki License

Except where otherwise noted, this wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License

By editing or posting to this wiki, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License, and you agree to waive attribution for your contributions with the understanding that copyrighted material made available from this wiki will be attributed to the wiki itself, namely the WlugWiki.

Please link back to this site ( when giving attribution.

Technical License Details

The license for content in the WlugWiki is the CreativeCommons Wiki License with Attribution and Share Alike clauses. This means that content on the wiki is able to be copied / modified / improved, either on the site or independently of the site provided that where the content is used it is attributed to the WlugWiki and the resulting content is made available under the same license as the Wiki itself.

Further details about this license can be found at

As described in the license application text above, there are some portions of the wiki that are not currently licensed under the CreativeCommons wiki license. These are as follows

  1. Imported content (Man pages / LDP HOWTOs / etc)
  2. Pages that contain content added before Mon 18 July 2005 00:00 NZST where we have not been able to secure permission from all authors that contributed to the current page version to relicense their content under the CreativeCommons Wiki License.

These pages are clearly marked at the bottom of the page as not being available under the CreativeCommons license.

How to agree to the license

Technically if you're contributing to the wiki after 18 July 2005 you automatically agree to the license, by virtue of clicking the Save button on the edit page, however if you're a regularly contributor or added content before 18 July 2005 then it is good for you to explictly agree to the license.

You agree to the license by adding a special plugin to your HomePage. See ExampleHomePage for exact details of what to add.

Contact Point / Questions / Copyright Complaints

The migration process and general wiki copyright issues are currently being handled by MattBrown of the WlugCommittee. If you have any questions regarding the migration progress, or you believe there is problematic content in the wiki that needs to be dealt with please contact him.

His contact details are available at MattBrown or or you can use the wikilicense at role address to email him.

  • Information on the previous license situation and relicensing details can be found at WlugWikiRelicensing