This is an Example HomePage that demonstrates some of the features that are available in this wiki for HomePages. These features are used to help people contact you or denote your involvement with WLUG.

Licensing Information

It is helpful if you the license acceptance plugin on your homepage to explicitly state your agreement to the WlugWikiLicense, if you added or edited any content to the WlugWiki before Mon 18 July 2005 00:00 NZST then we will require (unless you want your content removed from the wiki!) you to add this to your homepage so your content can be automatically relicensed.

To add this to your page include the following code

<?plugin WlugLicenseAgreement ?>

If you want to agree, but don't like the image use

<?plugin WlugLicenseAgreement noimage=1 ?>

or, to completely hide the agreement from your page use

<?plugin WlugLicenseAgreement hide=1 ?>

Jabber Contact Details

The wiki contains Jabber integration to allow a lightbulb linked to your JID to be displayed beside your username wherever it appears in a wiki page. This allows viewers of the wiki to quickly and easily contact you if desired.

You need to include the following content on your HomePage for this feature to be active

For this to work, you will need to authorize

Wlug Member Plugin

If you are a paid up member of WLUG then you can proudly display this status on your homepage by including the following plugin.

<?plugin WlugMember?>

Link your page to the people list

To have your home page show up in the list of people with pages on the Wiki, add


to the bottom of your page.