Project Plan

With my laptop, I was constantly going from work in PalmerstonNorth to home to work in Wellington as well as friends places and then I had two interfaces (Wireless and LAN) that would be connected. I was getting sick of problems with DNS hosts not working when I was local and the servers were now only accessible from internal IP with the DMZ setup. So I have set up this simple hack system (I will develop it further if there is interest).


Gets network interfaces, checks active, sets /etc/resolve.conf and /etc/hosts(5) according to network. Written in Perl.




That is rather ugly Perl.. particularly your abuse of backticks makes me twitch. :-/ Also, why have a daemon sit there and wait for a file to change if you're going to use helper processes to update the file? Just have the helpers invoke (or indeed, be) the main update script. --AristotlePagaltzis

Well this was written in a night with the most lazy perl style I have ever used :P I have slowly been re-writing it to make it much MUCH pretty and much more functional, apologies about the ugliness. --DrewBroadley