WLUG Committee Meeting
15 August 2005
Provisional Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.11pm

Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, PerryLorier, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis
Apologies: MattBrown, GianPerrone, CraigMckenna

1. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes as presented were amended to note the correct date and correct a spelling internationalism.

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved JohnMcPherson
Seconded PerryLorier

Motion passed

2. Matters arising


3. Correspondence

Letters of thanks for supporting the installfest were sent to Ross Hamblin from DickSmith Electronics, Kevin Lawson from CrawshawSchool and Steve Webb of Connector Systems.

WLUG officially endorsed the discuss mailing list for creation of a New Zealand Linux organisation.

4. Treasurers report

The treasurer was not present, however the financial position of the WLUG has not altered since the last report.

5. Wiki migration

A copy of PhpWiki HEAD has been put up on, and Matt is coordinating porting and merging our patches into it.

We intend to add code to disable lots of functionality that we don't require, and often adds security issues.

6. Fallout from NZLUG/Wiki

Some comments were tabled from NZLUG members about the way WLUG handled the change from the "NZLUG wiki" to the "New Zealand Linux Wiki". We consider it unfortunate that more time was spent on NZLUG arguing about the design of the wiki than actually using it. The new theme that is currently up meets the goal of being less Waikato centric, and a new theme is under development taking into account the suggestions made on NZLUG. Upon completion we intend to aggressively promote the wiki to all New Zealand Linux users.

7. Membership

Membership form to be redesigned into a two part form, where members keep half (with bank account details and information) and the secretary keeps half with membership details. Greig will try and get the source for the original form and oversee its redesign, including information about how to get shell and email accounts,

Craig McK has been asked to follow up on people who signed up at the Installfest; Greig is also overseeing this.

8. Copyright for video - submission to

Upon checking with Phil Hazel, we intend to make this video available under a license that allows commercial distribution, attribution, and no modification. We have selected CreativeCommons attribution-noderivs.

9. Plan for AGM

Motion: that the 2005 Annual General Meeting of the Waikato Linux Users Group (Inc) be held on September 26

Moved CraigBox
Seconded GreigMcGill

Motion passed

The outgoing committee will call for nominations when the meeting is announced. People wishing to stand will be asked to contact the secretary; people wishing to nominate others are encouraged to consult them in person in the first instance, or contact the secretary to do this on their behalf if they desire.

The committee also intend on surveying members before the AGM to provide a summary at the AGM; this will also be handled by Craig.

Greig is to look over the WlugCharter for any changes that need to be made; we intend to clarify the rules regarding calling a Special General Meeting. We also intend to propose a change to the charter that will reduce the committee size from 9 to 7 (four executive and three general members, down from five) in order to make the committee size more representative of the organisation, and reduce the quorum for a committee meeting accordingly.

10. General business

  • Informal offsite backups of Hoiho are made irregularly. John is to handle formalising this, possibly with CraigMckenna or ItPartners to script a download of a backup tar.gz.
  • A spec will be written for Perry to adjust the formatting of the output generated by the meeting reminder bot.
  • The next meeting still has no topic; we are examining options including a "Bring Your Own Machine" meeting.
  • There has been a suggestion that WLUG should run more regular social events; this will be surveyed in the AGM survey.

Meeting closed at 9:17pm.

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