OK, a summary of last nights meeting as I remember it (even though they tell me I'm the WLUG secretary, it doesn't mean I wrote anything down!)

The charter was discussed, Jamie will post up the changes to it later (the unfinished version is at WlugIncorporated - check there later perhaps) - some changes to the printed draft that was given out were with regards to president having casting vote instead of veto rights, the society not being a place for commercial pecuniary gain, rules about kicking people off the list if they try and sell us too much stuff etc. Daniel will summarise this later I hope.

We decided that a committee consisting of pres, vice-pres, secretary, treasurer and 2n-1 members was required. Nominations for committee members included GavinDenby, PhilMurray, GreigMcGill and PerryLorier. We also discussed that the mailing list administrator should have a position ex-officio on the committee to represent the fact that the mailing list is a large part of the society; therefore KimShepherd, you're it.

The WLUG Wiki is now as close to an official WLUG webpage as ever has been; it can be reached at the new domain of or the old domain of If you don't know what a wiki is, it's a collaborative online system where anyone can edit any page and define information (kind of like or BBC's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at Check it out, add some information about yourself, but please try and be sensible - there's a lot of useless information going up there now where it could be a much more useful resource for Linux help and advocacy.

Unanimously accepted (though next time we should perhaps do it a bit more seriously) were nominations for president (DanielLawson), vice-president (JamieCurtis), treasurer (GavinGrieve) and secretary (CraigBox) Hint: to find out more about these people or to add information about them, go to (as defined above, for example is my node on the wiki.)

The subscription fee will be $20; membership benefits are discussed in the charter. Company memberships will not be issued, and no mention was made of family memberships; with regard to that Gavin, I'd (personally) suggest that seeing as membership isn't "required" to attend meetings/use the mailing list/etc, you can subscribe yourself, and perhaps make another donation on behalf of your family members, and if wished to borrow books from the WLUG library then they could do so under your name. This will all be made official and subs will be collected at the next meeting. Please ensure that you bring your money -- GavinGrieve will remind you of this nearer the time. Only paid members have voting rights.

CraigMckenna and Perry then discussed GnuPG (the open-source PGP clone) and the way that keys and webs-of-trust work; a basic rundown is that I sign Perry's key with my own to say "I trust Perry's key is valid and that he is who he claims to be", and then when people get Perry's key, even if they don't 'trust' Perry , they may trust me, so therefore they can verify that his key is actually his. Check GPG/PGPNotes for information, including an Outlook Express GPG plugin.

News will come as it happens; however, the next meeting will probably involve GavinGrieve talking about Samba as a domain controller (which I'd very much like to see BTW Gavin, and can even bring friends to!)