WLUG Committee Meeting
23 February 2005
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.30pm

Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, PerryLorier, GianPerrone, CraigMckenna, MattBrown

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved CraigBox
Seconded GreigMcGill

Motion passed

2. Matters arising from previous meeting

  • Philip Hazel was arranged for a very well received meeting on Exim.
  • The Computer Science department have offered to continue their sponsorship of a room for WLUG meetings in 2005.
  • New wiki migration has been put on hold; John is working on a new theme, and Greig is concerned that security fixes from PhpWiki are backported into our code if necessary.
  • Gavin Denby has been contacted regarding new user tutorials: he has apologised for being out of contact, and is working on a distro neutral curriculum for a potential start later in the year.
  • The Trust Waikato funding round is coming in April; all committee members have been asked to think of funding opportunties to present to the next meeting, and Greig will take this to the group mailing list.

3. Correspondence

Book reviews were submitted to O'Reilly.

5 copies of the Exim 4 book have to sell before a copy can be donated to the library - Jamie to keep us informed.

4. Treasurers report

The Treasurers report was tabled and accepted.

5. Free Software Foundation donations

The WLUG committee feel that there are a number of charities that are deserving of the attention of LUG members, and owing to the nature of some of these groups that the selection of a single one is a very politically charged subject. The committee would like to encourage members wishing to make donations to consult other members and potentially collect group donations at meetings, to submit to be made in the WLUG's name.


The committee will consult the organisers of 2006, congratulate them on winning their bid to host the conference, and offer any help that we as a group can provide.

  • Several members of WLUG will probably want to attend this privately, so we should investigate having WLUG hats made.
  • Sun are sponsoring a NZ Linux user to 2005 - there is potential that WLUG might be consulted as part of the selection process and we are prepared to help if asked.

7. Upcoming meetings

  • Novell/IBM on Monday.
  • Wim Coekaerts, Oracle's Manager in charge of Linux - Matt will suggest a meeting on 27 April.
  • We have been asked to approach Peter Guttman of Auckland University for a cryptography presentation.

8. General business

  • Installfest planning now undeway - potential date sometime in May 2004, a year after the last installfest. An OHP can be put up on the first day of courses, but no Unix tuts are being run this year. To address the concerns of people who paid a full year membership fee to join at the installfest, we will offer a $10 subscription at this years installfest. We will consult the LUG about the distribution to install to new users, with a view to using Ubuntu Hoary. Corporate sponsors need to be approached.
  • The To Do list needs to be updated (and done).
  • Someone needs to tidy up the ParliamentaryQuestions and send them to RodneyHide; mailing list to be contacted regarding this.
  • Nandor Tanczos to be approached about another meeting as election time approaches.
  • Matt to adopt and modify the SAGE-AU code of ethics; there seems little point in building our own from scratch.

Meeting closed at 8:30pm.