A very very funny British TV show, series of books, and (coming very soon) a movie.

Lister, a no-hoper on a mining ship in space, is the only survivor after an radiation leak caused by his bumbling try-hard supervisor (the leader of Z Shift, the second lowest position on the spacecraft), chicken-soup-machine-repairman Rimmer. Rimmer is bought back by the ships' computer Holly to try and keep Lister sane.

Their only other companion is the Cat, a creature evolved from Lister's pet cat after 3,000,000 years of evolution.

Later in the show we meet Kryten, a cleaning robot with a guilt complex, Holly has a sex change operation and years of space rot drops his/her IQ from 6000 to around about 6, they pick up Lister's ex-girlfriend Kochanski from a parallel universe where her Lister was a nice guy, and they lose their space ship and are forced to chase it around the galaxy in their landing vehicle Starbug.

Lister's main problem after all this? He can't get a decent curry.

Check You might be able to download episodes from - you can buy videos, I know CraigBox and GreigMcGill own a good selection. The first and second series are also available on DVD.