My name is Cisco Montoya. You end of lifed my father. Prepare to obsolete.

If you went to SouthwellSchool prior to 1990, you might remember MajorGay, seriously, there was a teacher there who was the form class teacher for Middle1A (Standard 4) who's name was Major David Gay. He fought in WorldWarII as a tankie.

He had quite a personality. Had used terms like Jankas Parade, Jankas Speeling, and Jankas French (as BruceKingsbury will surely remember -- Bruce: do you remember how to request permission to go to the toilet in French?), anything confiscated went into the "cooler", and so on. He also rocked backwards and forwards when he stood up. Not to mention his sign language "Come here..."

"Jankers" is apparently a form of military punishment which involves being confined to barracks, performing tedious and often pointless tasks, and being subjected to frequent uniform inspections.

When my brother was in the NZ Army Teritorials, he got to know a few tankies and they had the same personality as MajorGay.

Now those who didn't go to SouthwellSchool prior to 1990 might think I am seriously going nuts (afterall I am a Cisco Nut). But like the Army, in this industry, you get a group of people who spend hours with Cisco equipment, and are known as CiscoNuts, CiscoGuns, CiscoKids, and so on.

How do you identify these CiscoNuts?

For a start, they keep bringing up their old school days like an old person with Alzheimer's brings up their childhood, or walks out because it's time to feed the cat or dog that died 20 years ago.

Since CiscoSystems have kindly provided a web interface for their products, the CiscoNut does the following...

router# config t
router(config)# no ip http server
router(config)# end
router# copy run start

That is standard practice.

Also having a redundant toilet in their work office is standard practice. (Why do you think a good quality pastic bag comes with every new Cisco device?)

One has got the cellphone number 0-21-2472654 (0-21-CISCOKID).

Another has CCIE as his personalised number plates.

See also: RouterGod

A minor quibble took place over whether this content is relevant to the WlugWiki. Points brought up in favour of it being so:

  • The decision was made fairly early on to allow a community to build up around this Wiki, and Cisco is, IMO, a valid part of this community. Linux is a competitor to Cisco, more so that the other way round. And Cisco is a far more Linux/BSD/Unix friendly topic than a lot of other things that are in the Wiki. --DanielLawson
  • Linux machines are very much about being network connected, and being network connected usually involves a Cisco somwhere. Linux machines are not designed to handle what Cisco routers can (and do) handle. Interoperability is a very important part of the networking world, and knowing about Cisco is important to understanding this interoperability. --PerryLorier
  • Some Cisco routers have been known to boot Linux, for instance the 2500 series, and PIX firewalls are little more than a PC. --NathanWard
  • Is this like UniNut?