NetWare - it used to be the only option for a file and print server if you had x86 hardware. Even when NT became available, people would scorn it in favour of NetWare's superiority.

Nowadays, things are a bit different. It's still superior in most large enterprise respects - it is stable, well documented, easy to manage, and scales like a trooper! Hardware support is dying off a bit though, and migration to those lovely "lock-in" applications like MS-SQL and MS-Exchange, coupled with the rise of Linux as a file and print server, is slowly squeezing NetWare out of the market it helped to create.

NetWare 6 though, it must be said, is LOVELY!

Stuff it can do (aka features):

  • eDirectory - this is an LDAP implementation on steroids. VERY well integrated, and easy to manage.
  • Now has a server based GUI - X based! ;)
  • Web Access - access all your file and print services through a browser interface.
  • Native File Access - Out-of-the box access to NetWare storage for Windows (CIFS), Macintosh (AFP) and Linux/UNIX (NFS) clients
  • Protected Memory - launch server processes (NLMs) in their own memory "sandboxes". They can even be configured to auto restart if they abend.

GreigMcGill LOVEEESSSS NetWare 6. Now, if only they'd sort out their licensing...

Is there a WIKI for Netware? nsweb or Apachie ? I still use Netware 5.0, I am looking at the upgrade options too.. great system