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 Stuff it can do (aka features): 
 * eDirectory - this is an LDAP implementation on steroids. VERY well integrated, and easy to manage. 
 * Now has a server based GUI - X based! ;) 
-* More later ... 
+* Web Access - access all your file and print services through a browser interface .  
+* Native File Access - Out-of-the box access to NetWare storage for Windows (CIFS), Macintosh (AFP) and Linux/UNIX (NFS) clients  
+* Protected Memory - launch server processes (NLMs) in their own memory "sandboxes" . They can even be configured to auto restart if they abend .  
+GreigMcGill LOVEEESSSS NetWare 6. Now, if only they'd sort out their licensing...  
+Is there a WIKI for Netware? nsweb or Apachie ?  
+I still use Netware 5., I am looking at the upgrade options too..  
+great system