Minutes of WLUG meeting, 23/09/2002

  • Hoiho, the WLUG server, was shown. CraigMckenna has donated 128mb of RAM for the machine (it thrases a little with only 64). There is a driver to let Linux access more than 256mb of RAM on these chipsets, so we may be able to run with more RAM if required.
  • Subscriptions were collected from 13 members - thank you very much to those people. CraigBox has the money which will be used to register the incorporated society and open a bank account.
  • JamieCurtis collected and witnessed 15 signatures for the creation of this society.
  • CraigMckenna had collected GPG key fingerprints, and everyone on the list checked everyone's photo ID. Craig explained how to sign a key and update the trust database.
  • The election of a treasurer - KyleCarter and GreigMcGill nominated each other, however neither wished to accept the nomination. Kyle then nominated Greig's wife, however Greig turned down the nomination on her behalf. Greig nominated CraigMckenna, who accepted. Voted unanimously.
  • There was discussion of wireless networking. It would be nice to get a high point to set up a community network, but there are other groups currently petitioning the council to do so. It might be best to offer our expertise to these people. CRCnet have offered to help any interested groups.
  • Next meeting date is Labour day; the meeting is to be moved to the 3rd Monday of October (21st of October). Daniel has suggested that the meeting be held at Crawshaw School, and several people discussed a meeting on various security and network auditing tools. See MeetingTopics.2002-10-21.