CRCnet, the Connecting Remote Communities Network, is a wireless research network run by members of the WandGroup in rural Waikato. The network currently connects 9 schools and a number of private houses that are used as repeater stations. In total the network has more than 30 wireless nodes (including a solar site on Mt. Pirongia) mainly to the west of Hamilton City. CRCnet has also been involved in helping to setup WirelessNetworks to reach schools in other parts of the country, including a project in the Urewera ranges that involved two solar sites and a 25km point-to-point 802.11b in order to reach one of the most remote schools in the country.

  • Longest Link: 17.4km
  • Wireless Cards Used: Lucent Orinoco Silver Cards
  • Total Wireless links: ~ 70 - 80km