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-__C__onnecting __R__emote __C__ommunities __Net__work 
+[CRCnet |], the __C__onnecting __R__emote __C__ommunities __Net__work, is a wireless research network run by members of the WandGroup in rural [Waikato]. The network currently connects 9 schools and a number of private houses that are used as repeater stations. In total the network has more than 30 wireless nodes (including a solar site on Mt. Pirongia) mainly to the west of [Hamilton] City. CRCnet has also been involved in helping to setup [WirelessNetwork]s to reach schools in other parts of the country, including a project in the Urewera ranges that involved two solar sites and a 25km point-to-point 802.11b in order to reach one of the most remote schools in the country.  
-A wireless research network being setup by members of the WandGroup. Currently we have a few nodes operational (including a solar site on Mt. Pirongia) with several more planned in the near future.  
-__Interesting Facts/Information__  
- Longest Link: 17.4km%%%  
-Wireless Cards Used: Lucent Orinoco Silver Cards%%%  
-Total Wireless links: ~ 70 - 80km  
-See the homepage [here|] for more details.  
+* Longest Link: 17.4km  
+* Wireless Cards Used: Lucent Orinoco Silver Cards  
+* Total Wireless links: ~ ~ 70 - 80km