WLUG Committee Meeting
20 October 2004
Provisional Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.13pm

Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, MattBrown, CraigMckenna
Apologies: PerryLorier Absent: GianPerrone, KyleCarter

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved GreigMcGill
Seconded JamieCurtis

Motion passed

PLEASE NOTE: The minutes were subsequently revised to note that PerryLorier was in attendance at this meeting.

2. Matters arising from previous meeting

  • The library is at its new home and all books we have are stamped/entered; we are going to endeavour to have all the books back for Monday's meeting.
  • Fundraising: Kyle did not get a submission in to the Sky City Trust.

3. Correspondence

  • Letter of thanks sent to Crawshaw School.
  • NZOSS have replied to Jamie regarding an open letter to candidates, saying that the idea of an open letter led to the creation of NZOSS. Jamie to follow up by posting to WLUG list encouraging members to consider joining and supporting NZOSS, and to follow up NZOSS with regard WLUG joining NZOSS as a member.
  • Greig asked the mailing list for what to apply for funding, and received little response - one member said that a demonstration rig could probably be pooled to gether as parts.
  • Gavin Denby has offered to run a new user stream for newer WLUG members. The committee believe this to be a good opportunity with some logistical problems and Greig will get back in touch with Gavin to resolve these.

4. WLUG business cards

Aside from some some printing difficulties these are complete and will be available to hand out at Monday's meeting.

The committee was asked to consider the response given by an autoresponder email address. A show of hands provided unanimous support for the autoresponder with the proviso that the message clearly state that you can sign up to the mailing list without needing web access, and that the original message be returned. This can be revisited at a later date if necessary.

5. Resignation - MattBrown

Matt will be moving to Auckland in January but has stated he is willing to remaining on the committee if possible. The committee will consider its options at that point and consider co-opting another member if required.

6. General Business


John has added an admin interface for reports on who donated what/what books are out, and an email reminder to people who have books oustanding. The look and feel of the library will be overhauled along with the Wiki.

The library will be formally announced at the next meeting.

Peachpit have asked for reviews to come in within 90 days. John will look at sending in a review and ordering more books from them.

New wiki

Migration is still proving a problem as the original wiki version is a heavily patched unstable release. 1.3.10 also has no IPv6 support, but the feeling is that this is not as much of a loss as some of the other functionality we are waiting on the new wiki to provide, and can be added later with the PhpWiki team.

Comment was made that the Wiki needs a cleaner and more professional image - it is suggested that we look at basing a theme on the MediaWiki? theme in 1.3.10.

Reminder bot

Closer to working - wrong pages still going to the wrong lists, Craig B to investigate with Perry.

Code of Ethics

Started on the wiki a long time ago - for the mailing list, somewhat supplanted by the AUP. Matt to look into but with no urgency.


Craig to present at next meeting - 10 min slot going over WLUG resources (wiki, library, mailing list), Google & searching. Switch and patch cables required - IT Partners to loan. A firewalled internet connection will be available.

Removal of Hoiho accounts

We need to investigate schema changes required to have PAM automatically figure out based on date paid, time of AGM etc, whether an account should have login permissions.

John has been given sudo access to Hoiho for this and other LDAP/wiki related work.


Greig has been talking to the NZLUG list admins about the direction of NZLUG, with a view to making it a national group representing LUGs instead of an Auckland-centric mailing list. Committee members were asked to go and check out the NZLUG Wiki and see what direction is planned. The initial feeling of the committee is that a roadmap should be planned and the first steps completed first, instead of trying to do too much at once.

Meeting closed at 8:27pm.